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The African Solar Show in Johannesburg is one of the largest solar fairs on the African continent and is well attended with around 10,000 visitors.

Collaboration shows bright future for electric vehicle charging

New partnership combines energy management and photovoltaics

4.24 MWp solar plant in the province of Mersin is one of the largest rooftop installations to date

Photovoltaic system relieves burden on the diesel generator and reduces energy costs

Commitment to sustainable and responsible corporate management

IBC SOLAR shall own and develop a large-scale project in Odisha

3.43 Megawattpeak (MWp) photovoltaic (PV) installation in Niğde has been realised as EPC project

One of the world’s largest module manufacturers is delivering 60 megawatt polycrystalline solar modules to the system house from Upper Franconia...

“Take-Care packages” support Premium Partners worldwide with the marketing of storage solutions

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