More Energy Independence

We are the cure to your load shedding woes

As a South African, the phrase ‘load shedding’ has become a bit of a swear word. We have been introduced to these blackouts around January 2008, as the demand for electricity has gradually outweighed its supply, placing large strain on our national grid and therefore on us, the end consumer. We have had many frustrating moments in the past and the truth is, we will face many more as the future with our national electricity supplier is very uncertain.

The next logical step is to become independent from the utilities, therefore looking for alternative energy solutions. Team this with top of its class German engineering and we have a powerful way forward using solar power.

Reasons to go Solar:

  • Electricity costs are rising!
  • Load shedding!
  • Power failures are increasing!
  • Solar energy is clean!
  • Solar energy makes financial sense!

Reasons to be more energy independent:

  • No electricity puts your safety and security at risk
  • Electric gates and garage doors do not work
  • House alarm and electric fences switch off
  • Stuff in the fridge and freezer rots
  • No TV - no sports, no movies, no chance to relax
  • Can't charge electronic devices (e.g. laptops and cell phones)
  • No internet or wi-fi
  • No lights for kids to study