The New IBC Aerofix G3 Flat Roof Mounting System

Cape Town, South Africa, November 1, 2022 - IBC SOLAR, a leading full-service provider of SOLAR energy solutions, presents the latest development of its aerodynamic flat roof mounting system, the IBC SOLAR AeroFix. The new AeroFix G3 mounting system can be perfectly adapted to the respective module dimensions. The wide range of mounting options and the possibility to combine wide and narrow base rails ensure high flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Ever-growing module sizes trigger the demand for mounting systems that are not only flexibly adaptable to the respective module type, but also guarantee maximum safety. The new AeroFix G3 can accommodate modules with lengths from 1500 to 2100 mm and widths from 980 to 1150 mm. Thanks to an integrated tilt joint in the AeroFix mounting support, the modules are aligned mechanically tension-free on the mounting system. Resulting in no tension in the module and the risk of cell damage and loss of performance is eliminated.

New with the IBC AeroFix G3 is the possible combination of wide and narrow base rails within the same system. This means that lower ballasted modules or more stable roof areas can be covered with the more cost-effective, narrow rail. This not only ensures maximum flexibility, but also reduces the material costs and the overall costs of the system. At the same time, the system ensures that the roof is safely covered.

In terms of installation choices, the new system offers a whole range of options that guarantee perfect adaptation to any roof. The modules can be mounted either crosswise or upright on the AeroFix G3. With an elevation of 8, 10 or 15 degrees in a south or east-west direction, there are six different installation options.

Time saving and convenient installation

For maximum convenience and cost effectiveness, the AeroFix G3 mounting system features wide floor rails with pre-mounted construction protection mats and integrated cable ducts for up to 28 6 mm² cables. This not only facilitates installation, but also saves time, costs and effort. In addition, the floor rails offer a large contact surface and thus ensure low surface pressure and even distribution of loads over the entire roof.

As with the previous models, only high-quality materials such as aluminum and stainless steel are used for the new AeroFix G3, and all components are perfectly matched to each other. The system thus offers maximum stability and durability for all types of flat roofs, regardless of whether they are covered with foil, bitumen, gravel, concrete or green roofs. The new AeroFix G3 complies with the latest specifications of the Wind Technology Society (WtG).

The AeroFix G3 mounting system is now available in the IBC SOLAR online shop and further information can be found at:

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