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With IBC SOLAR, you are choosing a partner who offers comprehensive support in the daily photovoltaic business and gives you a competitive edge.

  • A full-service package
    Whether it be sales or marketing support, training sessions or technical services, IBC SOLAR gives you everything you need. We take care of things for you.
  • Over 37 years expertise and consistency
    As a family-run company that has been on the market for decades, we stand for stability, reliability and exemplary experience in photovoltaics. Experience that gets you results.
  • The strength of a well-known brand
    The top quality and exceptionally high standards of our solar power systems ensure a positive brand image and awareness.
  • "Systematic solar power" for more turnover
    Innovative, complementary quality products which meet a wide range of requirements. Services which interact smoothly. Strict quality assurance in certified laboratories – these are just a few of the persuasive arguments for winning and retaining customers with IBC SOLAR.
  • Added value through customised support
    IBC SOLAR offers you the right support for realising your full business potential.
    You will also have your very own expert contact.


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Systematic solar power: The IBC SOLAR product portfolio

Systems which meet the highest standards.
Components which complement each other perfectly.

This is exactly what IBC SOLAR stands for. This enables you to offer your customers a photovoltaic system that is tailored precisely to his/her requirements. As each product must meet our outstanding quality standards, you, the installer can be sure that you are providing only high-quality solutions.

Here is an overview of the key components, their system function and the essential product features.

Solar modules Inverters Storage systems Mounting systems Accessories

Module for module top quality: Whether it be photovoltaic systems for homes, industry or PV power plants, the value-added modules of IBC SOLAR are always the ideal solution.

  • Perfect combination of materials and module design –  the result of over 30 years of experience
  • Extensive inspections in production and our own laboratory –  maximum reliability for the entire module life cycle


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"Transformers" and more: Inverters don't just convert direct current from solar cells into alternating current. They also carry out a range of control and protective functions.

Strong brands in our portfolio:

  • Fronius – highly-functional, grid-connected inverters from Austria
  • SMA – global market leader for on- and off-grid systems
  • Sungrow – one of the leading industry manufacturers for PV inverters
  • Steca Elektronik – leading provider of solar electronics products from Bavaria

Safe and durable: Solar batteries and storage systems  from IBC SOLAR reliably store the generated solar power and provide it on demand.

  • Lead-gel batteries
  • Lithium-based  batteries
  • IBC SolStore product line
  • Strong brands, e.g. MOLL, LG Chem

Mounting structures for every roof: IBC SOLAR offers the perfect mounting solution for every surface and photovoltaic system, customised or as a modular component.

  • Maximum certainty in technical configuration – due to uniform components both for IBC TopFix 200 for pitched roofs and IBC AeroFix for flat roofs
  • Short mounting times –  thanks to a high level of prefabrication and a modular system
  • Outstanding value for money – reliability guaranteed for a long service life
  • Economy of time and simple design – using a comprehensive planning software PV Manager for your PV projects

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Solar power accessories, high-performance cables for photovoltaic systems and much more:

IBC SOLAR offers an extensive product range which completes the systems.

  • IBC FlexiSun solar cable –  durable and certified according to the latest EU standard
  • Monitoring systems –  simple monitoring of systems large and small

PV Manager

Simply efficient: The most comprehensive tool on the market.

The PV Manager offers all the functions you need for the planning of PV systems in a single professional software package.

  • Unrivalled functionality: The PV Manager is constantly being enhanced by IBC SOLAR based on installers' experience. It is therefore coordinated precisely to the requirements of PV experts.
  • A catalyst for your business: Planning, selling, processing and documenting from a single source – the PV Manager makes it possible. The software is always kept up-to-date with automatic updates.  
  • More time for your core business: Save a lot of time during planning thanks to the comprehensive support, clear user interface and intuitive operation. This is time you can invest elsewhere, e.g. in the acquisition of new customers. 
  • Your assistant in sales pitches: Clear graphics, detailed visualization of surroundings and clearly arranged documents help win over the customer.


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Mechanical design Dimensioning Electrical planning Administration Commisioning Get it!

These features help you to create a perfect basis for a solid system design:

  • Selection of any building shape
  • Consideration of obstructing objects
  • Analysis of shading areas

Based on the mechanical design PV Manager can carry out the following tasks:

  • Module configuration
  • Mounting layout including weight plans
  • Static calculations based on EuroCode*
  • Generation of installation and module wiring diagrams 


*not available for all countries

Based on the optimized PV array our PV Manager now supports you in:

  • Choosing the perfect inverter
  • Finding the optimum storage configuration
  • Analyzing the self-consumption ratios
  • Creating the entire cabling plan for the system
  • Calculating system yields and electrical losses

But PV Manager is more than a pure engineering tool.

The software helps you saving your valuable time as it reduced the back-office work considerably!

Based on the integrated technical design PV Manager allows you to:

  • See your own purchasing terms and conditions  
  • Create professional customer quotations with your company logo
  • Use predesigned documents for professional customer presentation
  • And by the way: You can share your designs with us to receive individual support

PV Manager even supports you at and after the installation itself. 

You can:

  • Use the installation plan as an assembly aid
  • Hand over the complete documentation to your customer
  • Generate a project summary for your records
  • And last but not least: Print the invoice for your customer

The PV Manager simplifies and accelerates your PV projects in each single step. It is now available for everyone and can be used for an annual licensing fee. Secure your PV Manager licence and take advantage of the most efficient project planning software available!

You can choose between two licensing options:

  • User licence for one workstation
  • Company licence for up to 10 workstations

Download and send us the the order form to benefit from PV Manager!


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PV Manager order form (Non-European Countries)

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