Commercial Solutions for more Energy Independence

Minimise your energy costs. Maximise your return on sales: With solar power.

Added value through solar power: How your company can profit

PV systems for self-consumption are a worthwhile investment for entrepreneurs, securing their competitiveness and independence – long-term. Photovoltaics are especially rewarding in combination with a storage system.

Good reasons to install a photovoltaic plant on your premises:

  • Reducing electricity bills through pure grid connected  solutions for direct self-consumption
  • Security in the event of short-term blackouts through PV solutions for supplying back-up power
  • Reducing fuel procurement costs through hybrid solutions or storage in form of thermic energy 
  • Securing 24h drip irrigation supply in farming through solar-powered storage tanks 
  • Increasing self-consumption share through storage solutions
  • Promoting a positive corporate image by installing PV as environmentally friendly power generation


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Benefit from over 40 years of experience in photovoltaics

Years of experience with numerous projects, exceptional innovations, state of the art quality, and a comprehensive network of highly qualified Premium Partners.

The winning arguments: 

  • Every component needed for your PV solutions from a single source leaves you with more time to your core business 
  • Highly trained specialists in your area assure can you of high quality delivery service during consultation, installation and maintenance
  • Tailor-made services and systems solve every challenge, no matter what your requirements are
  • High-quality, thoroughly tested components with superior product and performance warranties increase the longevity of your investment
  • German-engineered expertise guarantees reliable, solid and technically brilliant installations

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Smart systems for solar power in practice

Every company and its business is unique. Take a look at our solutions which showcase a variety of challenges:

Diesel Hybrid

Shopping Mall, Mauritius

The goal was to secure the Shopping Malls energy supply as well as saving a serious amount of energy costs for the building.

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Grid-Tie System

Supreme Upholstry, Stellenbosch

With a daytime running operation, the electricity costs steadily took over an increasing part of the Supreme Upholstery’s monthly expenses.

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Carport Battery Backup

Standards Association, Zimbabwe

With a generally unstable Grid, the Standards Associaton of Zimbabwe was forced to interrupt their daily operations during power outages.

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