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What is the PV Manager?

PV Manager is a planning tool for grid-connected PV systems for both the residential and commercial sector. As a comprehensive program, it offers all functions for planning, selling and processing in a single piece of professional software.

It assists you professionally with every project. From customer enquiries to quotations and orders, right through to commissioning.

Interested? Then Your account executive at IBC SOLAR will gladly assist you to choose the right licence model and will take all the necessary steps for you.

What specific functions does the PV Manager have?

Building and roof planning

  • Takes troublesome objects into account
  • Shadow simulation
  • Integrated location and weather data, such as altitude above sea level and snow loads
  • Several roofs can be interconnected

Module and support planning

  • Ballast plan for flat roofs
  • Assembly and routing plan
  • Verifiable statics calculation as per EuroCode

Electrical planning

  • Inverter and storage planning
  • Self-consumption analysis
  • Complete cabling for modules and inverters
  • Use of own load profiles
  • Integrated standard load profiles, e.g. commercial, household, heat pump, agriculture
  • E-mobility load profile generation


  • Quotation PDF with your company logo
  • Listing of own items (e.g. site equipment, AC assembly material, etc.)
  • Operating costs (profitability) included
  • Presentation in 2D or 3D via IBC SOLAR Visualiser


  • Comprehensive component list with all required components and direct order via the IBC SOLAR Online Shop with the click of a button
  • The latest customised purchasing terms and conditions


  • Automatically generated installation plan as an assembly aid
  • Complete system documentation for you and your customers
  • Project summary
  • Invoicing

By the way: You can unlock projects which then allows one to receive individual support from us.

PV Manager Checklist

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PV Manager Checklist (ZA)

PV Manager Checklist (ZA)