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PV Manager 5.0 - PV System Design Solution

Simply efficient: As the most comprehensive tool on the market, the PV Manager offers all the functions you need for the planning of PV systems in a single professional software package.

Why PV Manager 5.0? Building and roof planning Dimensioning Electrical planning Tender and order Installation

  • Unrivalled
    The PV Manager is constantly being enhanced by IBC SOLAR based on installers' experience: It is therefore coordinated precisely to the requirements of PV experts.
  • A catalyst for your projects
    Planning, selling, processing and documenting from a single source – the PV Manager makes it possible. The software is always kept up-to-date with automatic updates.
  • More time for your core business.
    Save a lot of time during planning thanks to the comprehensive support, clear user interface and intuitive operation. This is time you can invest elsewhere, e.g. in the acquisition of new customers.
  • Your "partner" in sales talks 
    Clear graphics, detailed depiction of surroundings and clearly arranged documents help win over the customer.
  • Any building shape can be chosen
  • Takes obstructing objects into account
  • Shading analysis
  • Module and mounting planning
  • Ballast plan for flat roofs
  • Assembly and routing plan
  • Inverter and storage planning
  • Entire cabling of modules and inverters
  • Conduction losses are calculated
  • The latest customised purchasing terms and conditions
  • Tender PDF with your company logo
  • Presentation for the customer
  • And by the way: You can activate your projects and receive individual support from us
  • Automatic installation plan as an assembly aid
  • Complete documentation
  • Project summary
  • Invoice printing

Premium Partner Portal with Online Shop

You can find loads of valuable material and information in our exclusive customer portal which will help support you in your daily business.

  • Latest products at a glance
    Whether it be new promotional materials or innovative products: The International Portal always keeps you up-to-date.
  • The fastest way to the product 
    You can find all relevant information on the products, e.g. technical data and certificates, in the product shop. You have access to attractive promotional offers and can order from the entire IBC SOLAR portfolio around the clock. 
  • Everything for successful marketing
    You will be even more successful with the International Portal. Here you will find eye-catching promotional materials, tips for media relations and much more.
  • Comprehensive services
    Our services will take a load off your shoulders, e.g. the overview of all your orders and the current delivery status. You can also conveniently use the PV Manager within the International Portal.




IBC SOLAR technical services enables you to develop and implement residential, commercial- and utility-scale power plants that deliver superior system-level performance. We enable you to understand, to plan and to execute projects without having to hire new employees. We ensure high quality throughout all project stages.

We offer all services in different categories
1.    Residential sites up to 25kW 
2.    Small commercial sites up to 200kW
3.    Medium commercial sites 200 – 1.000kW 
4.    Large commercial/ Utility scale > 1.000kW (please inquire for any of the listed services)