The New IBC Monosol 410 ES10-HC-N BF

15 years combined warranty when combined with IBC SOLAR mounting system!

Introducing the IBC Monosol 410 ES10-HC-N BF!
A new high-quality double-glazed solar modules made of monocrystalline half-cut cells. 15 years combined warranty when combined with IBC SOLAR mounting system!

Benefits include:

  • a positive power tolerance (-0/+5W)

  • increased mechanical stability (5400 PA)

  • a German guarantor

  • 100% proven quality

  • a 30-year performance warranty

  • a 25-year product warranty

Extended performance warranty
Guaranteed higher long-term electricity profits owed to TOPCon technology.
Higher low light output
Even in low light conditions, for example at dusk and on cloudy days, increased power production is ensured.

Better cell protection
The front and back glass layer protects the cells from damaging and environmental impacts.
Bifacial power generation
Up to 25% higher yield caused by double-sided active module, which absorbs sunlight with the front and the back.

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